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ArtBridge for Auction


Sell your works

Please select "Sell to auction" from the menu of the works you are posting.


  • ArtBridgeに登録しているアート作品であれば、すぐに出品が可能です。
    - You need to register your profile in advance and register your work portfolio.
  • Offering fee is free.
    - 作品が落札された場合のみ手数料が発生いたします
  • You can get familiar with the portfolio.
    - You can have the artist know more about the work portfolio and profile.
  • This is an online auction site specialized in artworks.
    - アートを購入したい人に向けて、作品を販売する作家と購入者を繋ぐ新しいオークションです。
  • 落札後の決済から作品の発送におけるお取り引きまで、ArtBridgeで一括して行えます
    - 落札者とのお取り引きは専用チャットが利用できます。
    - Payment of the highest bid will be completed on ArtBridge
  • Delivery is completed after payment
    - When the payment of the winning bidder is completed, we will deliver the information necessary for delivery with a dedicated message.

Selling condition and terms

Those who have registered works in ArtBridge
Those who don’t violate the use policy
Listing commission
Expense for exhibition does not occur. You can use it free of charge.
Qualified artworks
Original works
- Only actual items
Edition (limited issue) works
 - For posters, photographs, prints etc, digital images etc. can be exhibited by specifying the number of issues.

The bidding period can be specified from 1 day to 2 weeks.
Schedule registration is possible for the bidding period. Advance notice is possible because it will be released as a work before the start of bidding.
The lowest highest bid amount
The lowest highest bid: It becomes JPY ¥500
Shipping method
After successful bid determination, when payment is completed we will inform you of the name and address of the highest bidder by chat from the ArtBridge official account.
Please arrange for shipping and send directly to the successful bidder.
Because we will provide a private message tool, it is also possible to consult directly with the message between the seller and the successful bidder. You can consult directly with the exhibitor / successful bidder and delivery method etc for the burden of the shipping fee.
30% of the highest bid of auction + transfer fee ¥ 210 will be charged as a commission.
Transfer of bidding price
We will transfer to the registered bank account.

※If the cumulative total of the highest bid at the end of the month is less than ¥ 2,000, it will be carried forward to the next transfer. We will close the end of the month at the time when it is over ¥ 2,000, and we will transfer it on the 10th of the following month.

Selling procedure

01. Work registration
Firstly from the profile and your works registration
02. Subscription registration
From the work management page click "auction exhibition"
03. Listings
It will be posted on the auction list
04. Bidding starts
We will accept bids in real time
05. Successful bids
A successful bid notification will be sent to the seller
Notice of notice & settlement notice will be delivered to the winning bidder
06. Payment
When payment is completed the auction will be fixed
07.Shipping address announcement
We will deliver the message from the ArtBridge account.
08. Shippings
Once delivery is completed please contact ArtBridge via chat with delivery completion.
09. Shipment complete
Notify the winning bidder of the delivery procedure completion.

Sell your works

Please select "Sell to auction" from the menu of the works you are posting.


  • In the case of damages to a third party by selling a work without copyright and copyright, we will settle it between the parties and we will make every effort to resolve, but we can not assume any responsibility.
  • It becomes a limited auction service for art works. In the event that it is not possible to deal with this site on the judgment of the operator, or the third party, there is a case where the exhibition may be canceled without a preliminary announcement.
  • As a rule we do not accept returned goods after goods arrival.
    Although it is decided in principle by the parties to resolve cases where the contents are obviously different from the contents of the exhibition or intense damage, in any case, we will cooperate in solving the problem in any case.
  • Change / deletion of works during auction listing. Or you can not unsubscribe from your account.
Inquiries are here

Please do not hesitate to consult us about exhibition methods, photography, printing methods etc.

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